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What is the value of a website if no one can find it? can optimize your website so that it will rank as high as possible on the search engines. This is called search engine optimization or SEO. If you are a local merchant, you need local Search Engine Optimization. If you sell products worldwide via the Internet, you need global SEO.

The first decision you need to make is:
do you want to optimize for the local market or for the global market? We can do both and have had success with both.

 Most business is local. Most people shop in their local community. The goal of local search engine optimization is to have your website ranked near the top when a potential customer does a search for the product or service you offer, followed by the name of the city or metro area. We can optimize your website for the global market if you can ship your products long distance. If you have an eCommerce website, geography is not an issue. Customers can order online from anywhere in the world. This assumes you have a website to be optimized. If you need web design we can do that also.

Professional Search Engine Submission

Did you know that search engines and directories are the main sources of traffic for almost every web site. Professional website submission to the major search engines and directories is therefore extremely important.

We will submit your site to the top search engines. You only need this service once, there are no additional fees, and no need for monthly submissions!

Note That:
Unlike services which promise to submit to thousands of search engines, only real search engines and directories are included in our package. Be aware that there are no such thing as thousands of real search engines and directories. A major part of the submission list provided by these services consists of link farms and FFA (Free For All Pages) which most likely will do you more harm than good. As an example, Google is not too fond of link farms and may label the links they generate as spam.

This package is for submission to search engines, if you need professional search engine optimization for better placement in the search engines, please request a quote here



We will submit your web site URL to more than 120 of the most relevant search engines and directories. click here to see our list of search engines and directories.

The package also includes tips on how to optimize a website for higher ranking in the search engines.